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Are you interested in the latest and greatest home trends? Consider a voice-activated home helper able to provide your weather forecast as you pull pre-warmed coffee mugs from a new-fangled drawer? If those options do not tickle your fancy, fear not! 2017’s design trends are certain to include something that is up your alley.

1. Brass with satin finishes. It is hard to deny the resurgence brass fixtures have experienced of late. Part of the reason is that brass can lend a golden flourish to interior spaces without a tremendous amount of sticker shock. It should be noted, though, that designers are generally favoring brushed or satin brass finishes over those with a more reflective surface. The advantage of brushed and satin styles have in terms of warmth is clear.

2. Voice-activated web assistants. These fun and practical tools have caught fire in the past year. Alexa from Amazon works by way of devices such as the Echo Dot, and it can serve as an easily-activated interface for a whole host of smart home appliances and devices. Also recently-launched in this category is Google Home’s version of these innovative efficiency aides.

Devices of this nature can be quickly put into action by using the relevant activation words, and they are always attuned, waiting for their owner to make a request. Once an audible command is given, these devices can do a wide array of tasks, such as play particular types of music, power up an appliance or even dim the household’s lighting.

Last year, the Alexa platform was expanded to include third-party players such as Honeywell, Nest, Lutron, Samsung Smart Home and others to expand the user-friendly nature of their devices and to offer expanded services to customers.

3. Storage walls for tidy kitchen spaces. Because there never seems to be enough room in a kitchen, many in the design world have shifted their focus away from traditional upper cabinets in the direction of creating all-encompassing storage walls. The overall effect is clean, neat and organized.

4. Introducing contrast to the island. In terms of backsplashes and cabinet doors, white remains a perennial favorite. However, in large kitchens, so much white can create an overly sterile impression. Therefore, designers everywhere have been counterbalancing this effect by painting center islands in contrasting, darker hues to achieve an appealing sense of balance.

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